Recommended Supplies for TopZero Flush-mount Sink Installation

All Tools

TopZero Non-sag Seaming Acrylic Adhesive
Integra Surface Bonder Zero Seaming Adhesive

10 to 1 Acrylic Dispenser Gun

Safety Glasses and Mask

Variable Speed Grinder Set with 120 to 600 Grade Sandpapers

Spreader Clamps

Undermount Sink Clips

Masking Tape

Denatured Alcohol

Razor Blade

Popsicle Sticks

Terry Cloth Towel

TopZero Interlocking Spacers*

*Spacers will be needed to attached the sink to the countertop if the thickness is 3/4” or less.
Contact TopZero Support (954-776-0444/ to order spacers.